The CSC Institute is an organization based out of the Greater New York Area, with a strong presence in the Northeast Region of the United States. Founded in 2015, the Institute seeks to infirm its members with professional certification and continued participation as a means for them to stand out from non-credentialed consultants. Through a challenging application process, the Institute looks for candidates who have excelled in education, retain proper experience, share a friendly personality, and search out ways to improve both themselves and their business.

All certified candidates have passed a series of interviews and the conclusive Board of Review, which qualifies them for the designation (CSC). Favor is given to those with advanced degrees, working experience, and pre-existing credentials. The following offers a breakdown of the weight different attributes hold during the application process. You need at least 6 Points in order to continue to the interviews and final Board of Review. Select all that apply in each category.

Three Point Qualifiers

  • Graduate Degree (pursuing or completed)
  • External Designations & Certifications
  • *Relevant Work Experience (minimum of 3 years)

Two Point Qualifiers

  • Bachelor’s Degree (pursuing or completed)
  • External Training Programs
  • *Relevant Work Experience (minimum of 2 years)

One Point Qualifiers

  • Associate Degree
  • High School Diploma (or GED equivalent)
  • *Relevant Work Experience (minimum of 1 year)

*Can only use this option once for total years of experience

For example: a potential candidate might have 4 years of startup experience, a bachelor’s degree in business management, and the Series 7 certification. This would earn him 3 + 2 + 3 points for a grand total of 8 Points. The candidate would then be notified of his scheduled interview time and subsequent Board of Review hearing.

Our candidates are also personable and effective, always aiming for the best, most efficient route for their clients to take. Last but not least, CSC members have the drive towards self improvement and enrichment through additional education and volunteer work.

CSC members also have the obligation of renewing their certification every 3 years to ensure that they remain within focus of the industry and where its needs lie. In addition to these renewal requirements, workshops, webinars and meetings become essential to keeping our members sharp and successful.

As the Institute grows, we hope to implement a variety of additional programs and to continually improve our offering by adhering to our motto: Certifying Excellence. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to navigate to the Contact page.

This organization seeks to become a prominent element of the startup industry, in an attempt to provide certified individuals who exceed at making others succeed.